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Tech-20091: Top-rated Storage and Moving Company in AZ

Company provides moving, storage, packing and unpacking services for residential and commercial clients that are typically relocating to or from neighboring towns and states. Revenue: $1.87M; SDE:$384K; Equipment:$481K; Asking Price:$1.96M

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Tech-20089: Veterinary Practice For Sale in MO

The clinic specializes in veterinary services and supplies for the treatment of household pets, and livestock. The Company’s primary services include office examinations and the treatment of canine. Revenue:$937K; SDE:$104K; Asking Price: $420K.

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Tech-20086: Manufacturer of Fire Water Pump/Skid Mounted Packages in TX

Company specializes in designing, engineering and installing fire water pump systems, skid mounted packaged or modular equipment to its surrounding geographical region and some internationally. Revenue: $4M; SDE: $459K; Asking Price: $859K; Equipment:...

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Tech-20065: Profitable Underground Construction Company in AZ

Company provides comprehensive construction and installation of underground electrical conduit systems, trenching, phone lines, gas sleeves, water lines, sewers, storm drains, fire lines and plumbing. Revenue:$3.6M; SDE:$409K; Asking Price:$2.5M.

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Tech-20063: Very Profitable Plumbing Contractor for sale in Southwest US

Specialty trade contractor offering new construction plumbing for residential and commercial applications. Revenue $18.2M; EBITDA:$3.1; $30M contract backlog.

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