Tech-20089: Veterinary Practice For Sale in MO

The practice has a proven track record, supported by 30 years of ongoing business.  The clinic specializes in veterinary services and supplies for the treatment of household pets, and livestock. The Company’s primary services include office examinations and the treatment of canines. The Company operates from a 6,700-square foot facility which it leases from an entity controlled by the Owner. The facility includes a front desk and retail sales area, exam room, laboratory, radiology, X-ray and ultrasound rooms, treatment and surgery prep room, surgery suite, office, and administrative areas.


Offering these services and products requires a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) State Board of Examiner and Veterinary Clinic State Board of Examiner Licenses, a treatment facility with laboratory and diagnostic equipment as well as ten personnel with industry experience.  With its broad range of treatments and products, the Company’s marketing efforts focus on targeting pet and livestock owners in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Revenues have been increasing over the past five years due to a growth trend in pet ownership and the Company’s solid reputation.


  • Canine services 50%
  • Health products 45%
  • Office visit/exam 5%,
  • Draxxin 5%
  • Feline services 4%
  • Rabies vaccines 4%
  • Equine services 1%

With a large customer base and solid reputation, the Company continues to attract new customers while maintaining its reputation with existing ones.  The clinic is projecting to surpass $1M in gross sales in 2020

The Owner is willing to facilitate a smooth transition by remaining for up to six months in his current management role and would continue as a surgeon thereafter, if needed. The Owner will consider offers to purchase the Company from individual buyers holding a DVM designation.


  • Revenue 2019 : $936,725
  • SDE 2019 :  $103,512.
  • Asking Price: $420,000

Note: (parent company of is marketing this opportunity in a co-broking partnership with the listing broker.

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